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Ultimate ChatGpt 7 Masterclass Bundle
✅ Learn Chat Gpt from Basic to Advance (25+ Videos)
✅ Kids Video Stories Masterclass (30 Min Video)
✅ Create a Book and Funnel in Just One Day (7 Videos)
✅ Generate 10x More Content Using AI (120 Mins Video)
✅ ChatGPT Digital Writing Mini-Course (120 Mins Video)
✅7 Day Copywriting Challenge Featuring ChatGPT ( 10 Videos)
✅Headlines and Hooks Masterclass with ChatGPT (120 Mins Video)
✅16 Black Magic Methods + 13 Video Tutorials.

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DALL·E 2023 12 25 22.49.21 A 3D render of a modern tech hub designed for the ChatGPT Masterclass from Basic to Advance . Interactive learning stations each showcasing differe
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🚀 ChatGPT Masterclass - Basic to Advance

25+ Videos
Discover Top 1% ChatGPT Secrets that take you from novice to expert in 5 hours

# Section 1 – ChatGPT: The basics, account creation, use cases
# Section 2 – Beginners Prompting
# Section 3 – Advanced Prompting
# Section 4 – Plugins and Web Browsing
# Section 5 – Advanced Data Analysis
# Section 6 – Ethics and Limitations
# Section 7 – How I’ve Applied ChatGPT for Success
# Section 8 – ChatGPT Organization Hub (Notion Template)
# Section 9 – Custom Instructions
# Section 10 – ChatGPT Vision
# Section 11 – Creating GPTs

💵Actual Price - 15,000/-

Adskill Chatgpt Book Lead Gen Funnel Google Drive

🚀 Masterclass on Book Writing

7 Videos
# A full non-fiction, book (high quality, written with your ideas on any topic!)
# Full book template, framework and process
# Forward drafted to submit to the mentor of your choice
# Follow Up email sequence written
# Landing Page for your book written
# Facebook and Google Ads written for your book funnel
PLUS more!

💵Actual Price - 12,000/-

DALL·E 2023 12 16 14.07.46 Create a photorealistic image of an academic library setting for the book Chat Gpt with the subtitle Prompt Engineering. Feature the book on a tab
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🚀 7 Day Copywriting Challenge Featuring ChatGPT

10 Videos
# The 7-Day copywriting challenge is designed to help media buyers and copywriters to improve their direct response copywriting using a research-based, pain-oriented approach to conversion copywriting. The course also teaches how to integrate AI.

💵Actual Price - 9,000/-

DALL·E 2023 12 25 22.09.31 A 3D render of a modern classroom setting with a large interactive whiteboard displaying Start Writing With ChatGPT Mini Course . Students of divers
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🚀 Start Writing With ChatGPT Mini-Course

120 Mins Video
# How To Generate 1,000 Content Ideas In 11 Minutes Using ChatGPT & The Lean Writing Framework
1. Lean Writing framework synopsis
2. ChatGPT + Lean Writing = $$$$$

💵Actual Price - 8,000/-

kids videos masterclass

🚀 Creating Kids Stories Video with Ai

30 Mins Video
# Our masterclass is your golden ticket to the world of children’s entertainment.

# We’re not just talking about any ordinary course here. This is your roadmap to creating spellbinding stories that kids adore, all through the wonder of A.I. technology.

# You’ll learn how to craft captivating, educational, and entertaining stories that resonate with both kids and their parents.

# And the best part? You’ll be doing all of this using the latest A.I. tools that make the process smooth and stress-free.

# No prior skills? No problem. The A.I. does the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on being creative and enjoying the process!

💵Actual Price -4,000/-

DALL·E 2023 12 25 22.14.09 A digital painting of a dynamic classroom environment for the Headlines Hooks With ChatGPT Masterclass . Engaged students of various backgrounds br
Made with Chat-Gpt

🚀 Headlines & Hooks With ChatGPT Masterclass

120 Mins Video
# Your irresistible headline writing checklist
 # 5 advanced copywriting techniques every writer should
have in their toolkit
# ChatGPT prompt writing crash course

💵Actual Price - 7,000/-

DALL·E 2023 12 25 22.31.11 A conceptual illustration of a giant AI brain over a cityscape symbolizing Unlock the Power of AI to Generate 10x more Content . Streams of data flo
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🚀 Unlock the Power of AI to Generate 10x more Content

120 Mins Video
# Our goal with this mini-course is to help you unlock the power of ChatGPT to generate 10x more high-quality content as quickly as possible.

# Which is why we’ve done our best to make this mini-course concise and highly actionable.

# But, there’s a few key ideas you need to wrap your head around before you can start using ChatGPT effectively.

💵Actual Price - 9,000/-

✨ Chatgpt Black Magic 🚀

6 Black Magic Methods
Act as Method, Ask Ques Method,

Break it Down Method, Gpt Tutor,
Primer Method, Prompt Generator

These cornerstone techniques will teach you how to truly take advantage of ChatGPT and provide you with the skills to become your own AI expert 
13 Advanced Video Tutorials
ChatGPT Black Magic contains easy to follow video content for
🔍 SEO Blog with Internal Links
🎬 Reels In 5 Mins
📊 Analyze Facebook Ads Data
✒️ Bulk Create Insta Posts
📸 Social Media Content with Images
📽️ Custom GPT Video Hook Writer
📧 Email Auto Responder Bot
📝 How to Use Custom Instructions
🖼️ Insta Image & Captions
🎨 Midjourney Logo Prompts
🌐 Website FAQ & Optimizations
💌 Writing Email Sequence
📺 YouTube Video to Blog Post

💵Actual Price - 5,000/-

our One Time Price 
✅Just Rs 599

Hightech City Bill Board v3
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Will this work for me?

This bundle will work for these main niches. If you’re in one of these niches, this will be a great fit for you!
✅Aspiring ChatGPT Experts


✅Service Providers


✅Content Creator:
Youtube, Blogging, Instagram

✅Digital Marketers

✅Creative Storytellers


✅Website Creators

✅AI Enthusiasts

Why It Matters: Understanding the Ultimate ChatGPT Master Bundle
Before You Buy

Q: What is the Ultimate ChatGPT Master Bundle? 
Ans: “The Ultimate ChatGPT Master Bundle is a comprehensive collection of masterclasses and resources designed to elevate your skills in utilizing ChatGPT and AI technology. It includes a ChatGPT Masterclass, Kids Video Stories Masterclass, CHATGPT Book Lead Gen Funnel, and various other courses and materials
Q: Why should I consider purchasing this bundle? 

Ans: If you’re serious about staying ahead in the digital era, this bundle is a no-brainer. It’s an all-in-one package that offers advanced knowledge and practical skills in AI and ChatGPT applications. By not purchasing, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to enhance your content creation, digital marketing, and AI utilization skills
Q: How will the Chat Gpt Masterclass benefit me?
Ans: This masterclass takes you from basic to advanced levels in ChatGPT, ensuring you fully grasp how to leverage this powerful tool in various domains. It’s essential for anyone looking to integrate AI into their work or personal projects.
Q: Is this bundle suitable for beginners?
Ans: Yes, it’s designed for all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, there’s immense value in this bundle for you.
Q: What if I don’t purchase this bundle?
Ans: It’s your choice, but be aware that you’re passing up a chance to gain a competitive edge in AI and digital content creation. This bundle is a straightforward investment in your future success – missing out could mean staying behind in a rapidly evolving digital landscape


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