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šŸ§  Supercharge Your Productivity with Ai Prompt Engineering ebook & Black Magic Methods VideosĀ 

Rs. 299


Ā No Prior Knowledge Required āœØ

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šŸ“˜ Master AI Prompt Engineering: Learn from Basic to AdvanceĀ 

Ā āœØ 6 Black Magic ChatGPT Methods ( Videos )

Ā šŸŽžļø 13 Hands-On Video Lessons

šŸ”„Check Demo VideoĀ 

āœØ Chatgpt Black Magic šŸš€
āœ…6 Black Magic Methods
Act as Method, Ask Ques Method,

Break it Down Method, Gpt Tutor,
Primer Method, Prompt Generator
These cornerstone techniques will teach you how to truly take advantage of ChatGPT and provide you with the skills to become your own AI expertĀ 
āœ…13 Advanced Video Tutorials
ChatGPT Black Magic contains easy to follow video content for
šŸ” SEO Blog with Internal Links
šŸŽ¬ Reels In 5 Mins
šŸ“Š Analyze Facebook Ads Data
āœ’ļø Bulk Create Insta Posts
šŸ“ø Social Media Content with Images
šŸ“½ļø Custom GPT Video Hook Writer
šŸ“§ Email Auto Responder Bot
šŸ“ How to Use Custom Instructions
šŸ–¼ļø Insta Image & Captions
šŸŽØ Midjourney Logo Prompts
šŸŒ Website FAQ & Optimizations
šŸ’Œ Writing Email Sequence
šŸ“ŗ YouTube Video to Blog Post

What You'll Explore in Prompt Engg Ebook

Case Studies: Difference in Basic & Pro Prompt Results

āœØ Case Study 1: Engaging Blog Content šŸš€
āŒ Basic Prompt: “Craft a blog about cooking tips.”
āœ… Pro Prompt: “Curate a captivating culinary masterpiece, blending expert advice with personal anecdotes, transforming cooking tips into an epicurean journey for readers.”
āœØ Case Study 2: Social Media Magic šŸš€
āŒ Basic Prompt: “Draft a product update for social media.”
āœ… Pro Prompt: “Architect an attention-commanding social media narrative, spotlighting the product’s distinct attributes and advantages, inciting followers to amplify the buzz with their shared excitement.”
āœØ Case Study 3: Business Communication Brilliance šŸš€
āŒ Basic Prompt: “Compose an email inquiry to potential clients.”
āœ… Pro Prompt: “Construct a compelling email inquiry, artfully conveying genuine interest and spotlighting how our services impeccably cater to their unique needs, setting the stage for a favorable and responsive dialogue.”Ā 

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How is Our Guide Unique?

šŸ’° More Affordable
šŸ“š Detailed Explanations
šŸ“– Basics Oriented
šŸ¤“ Easy-to-Understand Language
šŸŒ Practical Examples
šŸ’¬ Simple Language

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You want to know ?

āœ… Is Basics Covered?
Absolutely, 100%! šŸ†—

āœ… Is it easy to understand?
Yes, 100%!šŸ†—

āœ… What if my English is not perfect?

No worries, you’ll still understand, 100%! šŸ†—

āœ… What’s the format of the book?
PDF, 100% šŸ†—

āœ… Will the offer be available next time?
No, 100% šŸ†—

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Topic Covered

āœ… Introduction to ChatGPT
āœ… Mastering Midjourney Text Prompts and Parameters
āœ… Project 1: Content Creation – Blogging Campaign for Promoting “Using Content Writing AI Tools to Increase Productivity for Freelancers and Professionals”
āœ… Project 2: Creating an Ebook on “A Comprehensive Guide to ChatGPT” with ChatGPT 4 & Midjourney
āœ… Project 3: Generate Website Content, Sitemaps, and Images with ChatGPT 4 and Midjourney
āœ… Project 4: Launch Your Startup Dream with Taste Trends!
āœ… Project 5: Unleash Your Creativity by Selling AI Art!
āœ… Project 6: Say Goodbye to Stock Images with the Power Duo of GPT-4 and Midjourney v5
āœ… Project 7: Master Email Marketing for a Food Delivery Startup
āœ… Project 8: Supercharge Your Career Development with ChatGPT 4
āœ… Project 9: Mastering Social Media Campaigns with ChatGPT 4 & Midjourney

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How it Works:

  1. šŸ’³ Buy: Grab your guide at an exclusive 80% discount.
  2. šŸ“– Implement: Follow the step-by-step process outlined in the guide.
  3. šŸš€ Get Results: Transform your writing with newfound skills.

Proof of Things

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NO FAKE Testimonials āœØ

I am providing the resources and material which i am using it for self. No need to any fake reviews here, see below why ?

How I Used AI Prompt Engineering to Create This Landing Page āœØ

I practiced what I preach! Every element you see, from the compelling copy to the captivating images, has been shaped using AI Prompt Engineering. This landing page layout, content and even the images are created with the help of Ai & Prompt engg

About the Generated ImagesāœØ

The stunning visuals on this page were crafted with the help of Leonardo AI, ensuring a seamless blend of creativity and innovation. From the eBook cover to the background images, each element has been meticulously generated to enhance your browsing experience.

AI-Powered Facebook Ads CampaignāœØ

Not stopping here, even my Facebook Ads campaign has been fueled by the magic of prompt engineering. The same techniques that you’re about to discover have been applied to create ads that not only capture attention but also convert.

We have used Chatgpt 3.5 and Leonardo AI for our purpose, both are free !


Do I need to subscribe to paid versions ?

No, not at all.

- Chatgpt 3.5 is free to use you can start with free and than upgrade to pro if not satisfied with the chatgpt 3.5 results ( chatgpt 4 is useful if your work required coding and research, no doubt in general also chatgpt 4 will provide better results but it all depends on individual and there use case)
Chatgpt 4 free alternative is Google Bard where you can upload files alsoĀ 

- Leonardo Ai gives you 150 credit everyday ( you can use multiple email account on leonardo if you want to generate more images ).

- Midjourney does not provide free credits any more, so if you want to use mid journey you need to payĀ 

Language of Content

Ā Basic English

What is the time peroid of access to the content?

You get lifetime access, which you can download as well

If I buy, when do I get the access?

All access will be shared on your given mail id, within 1 min of payments. Please check your spam folder if you don't find email. Also you can email us at support@gpltube.comĀ 

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